10 New Facebook Insights You Should Know of

New Facebook Insights

If you work in social media marketing, or you are a hands on entrepreneur that wants to keep everything in control, you’ve probably been polka dancing and excitedly rubbing your hands together (like Mr Burns) since Facebook launched its new Insights a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe you are totally freaking out because now you have even MORE social stats to keep track of.

Either way, here at Whale Agency we are saving you time by narrowing down the statistics to the top 10 new Facebook Insights You Should Know of, because they seriously help streamlining your social strategy.

Which posts you ACED (and/or failed)

No more annoying clicking, scrolling and adding! With one click see which post did the best (or worst) by just hovering over the bar graphs of each post you publish.
Access it by going to (Posts -> All posts -> Engagement)


What TIME to post updates

Instead of keeping track with pen and paper (or notepad) (or excel) (whatever) of when you post things, now you can simply figure out exactly what times of day and week your fans are online and optimize your posting schedule accordingly! yay!
Access it by going to (Posts -> When your fans are online)


TYPE of content you should share more often (or you need more of)

Should we share a photo? a video? a combo? a plain text update? – this questions are easily answered with the help of this great feature. No more blind guessing, it’s the era of data driven decisions!
Access it by going to (Posts -> Best Post Types)


Net Likes (cross-reference with time)

Just like net income, or net earnings in business – is an entity’s income minus costs of goods sold, expenses and taxes for an accounting period. In Socialnomics this would mean: total likes earned per period minus total unlikes per period.
Access it by going to (Page -> Page Likes -> Net likes: What Changed)


Who SHARES my stuff?

Knowing your best brand ambassadors by name is of great importance for businesses today. With this great feature you can identity your champions by age, sex, location and language demographics! Use this data wisely to adapt or create your content strategy and start owning your industry!
Access it by going to (People -> People Engaged)


Posts your fans LOVED =)

Knowing what to do is always important, that’s why this feature is one of the best in the arsenal. Cross reference your spikes, likes and other engagements with past posts to produce more similar (and awesome) content!
Access it by going to (Pages -> Post Reach -> Likes, Comments and Shares)


Posts your fans HATED =(

Knowing what not to do also counts greatly towards success. See which posts lead to fans hiding, selecting as SPAM or actually unliking your page. Take notes and remember: don’t do that again!
Access it by going to (Pages -> Post Reach -> Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes)


How ENGAGED are my fans?

In social media management things changed left to right, every day, all day. that’s why keeping account on the lapse and duration of your fan engagement increase or decreases is extremely important. With this handy feature you can have a clear overview on how this is changing throughout the weeks.
Access it by going to (Overview -> Engagement -> % Increase from last weeks)


Am I doing BETTER than usual?

Burn that calculator! Compare any of your current stats with your page average (by month) by simply clicking the “Benchmark” option of any of your favorite stats. Wooooot !!
Access it by going to ( “Benchmark” feature on all tabs)


Who is SEEING my posts?

See and identify age, sex location and language demographics for exactly who you are reaching with your amazing posts. Compare your audience to the general Facebook audience and unlock the power of demographics that you may not be reaching.
Access it by going to (People -> People Reached)



Now that you know how to do it, get busy with it. Unless you don’t have time for it, then get in touch with us at https://whale-agency.com/contact-us/ because we can do the job for you.

If you need any help or tutoring with this guide just send us a tweet https://twitter.com/whale_agency or a wall post at www.facebook.com/whale-agency !! 

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