4 things your Graphic Designer won’t tell you

At one point, most of all digital marketing professionals or aficionados will have to interact with a Graphic Designer. Naturally, you will have some basic knowledge about the skills this person has, but do you know about the things that they cannot do? Let’s go through the most common things Graphic Designers simply won’t tell you.

It’s all about Media Psychology

Graphic designers study everything that is necessary to bring the most impact to an image or design. If you want a media analysis or study of the best suitable media for the work that your designer is making, it is advisable to consult with an advertising agency

Branding is special, and Graphic Designers don’t study for it

Graphic designers are great for making strong images and designs, but that power does not assure you that they can strategically create a brand. Branding is something that takes place in a more strategic level; therefore it is not their main strength.

Being different from your competitors is not always the best

Differentiation is a key aspect towards tackling competition and creating a healthy corporate identity. However, this is not always the case for design. Most of the world’s most successful designs and formats have been tested in the past. This knowledge is highly valuable and it contributes to the conversion of your work. A graphic designer might choose to go ahead and design that really edgy logo that you want for your company, knowing that it might not be a good asset.

Pretty doesn’t count

Most of the times, effective graphic design is not about eye candy, it’s all about visualizing the key communication points. If you ask your graphic designer to make something pretty for you, he’ll most probably agree, however this doesn’t mean that it will either be effective or good in communicating a message.

Graphic designers are very important in today’s digital world. However, having a deeper understanding of their competences and skills will help you to make more objective decisions when running your next campaign. Remember that strategic communication is key, and sometimes, pretty doesn’t guarantee the design effectiveness.

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