A Leap forward – Updates from November

Hey there  guys!

I hope everything is going whale for you. (you get it? whale. ahaha)

I am super excited to write this post, as a matter of fact, I am right now sitting on a yoga ball while writing this*

We successfully delivered one of our first strategy+development projects

That’s right! We finally got the chance to show the world what we’re all about! We worked closely with Bodhran Maker – Brendan White for a period of 5 weeks researching, planning, thinking, creating and implementing a very detailed web-strategy and website development.

A picture (or in our world, a website) tells more than a thousand words, for that reason, we invite you to navigate it’s site and get in touch with the Bodhran maker itself.

Brendan White - A verry happy Whale Agency client

A few strategic giveaways:

1. The strategy if focused on channeling Brendan’s personality through his website and all digital brand touch points
2. Using a mix of digital communication channels, we made sure to pull as much attention to the website itself
3. We’ll teach him to blog and utilize it to get clients!
4. Much more to write down 😉

We are moving to a new office!

That’s right G’! Whale Agency will be moving to a super-awesome location near the center of Arnhem as of January! Together with the guys from the CVJO!!

Our new Whale Cave will be pretty fancy as you can see in the pictures, the style of the building is pretty old school but sweet, we’ll have them nice wooden walls and hidden doors – mad men style -.

IMG-20131204-WA0001 IMG-20131204-WA0002 IMG-20131204-WA0003

Anyways, expect more updates about how things are going for us soon, we love that you took the time to read our blog.

Peace, love and unity.

Carlos Virreira =)

*sorry for the image of me sitting in a yoga ball, with headphones – writing this blog post

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