About us

This is why, how & what we do here at Whale Agency

Why are we here?

Each business has a story to tell, these types of stories are inspiring and motivating for us. We love to envision ways to share these stories in the medium that we are most active in, the internets.

How do we work?

We establish connections by providing potential customers value before they ask for it, mastering the art of digital marketing and customer focused strategies.

What do we actually do?

We are a digital creative agency, we build powerful business marketing communication strategies, implement and evaluate them. We are a strategic partner for any starting or already established business or institution. We make marketing that people love.


The team behind Whale Agency

Nikolay "Koko" Bonev

Nikolay Bonev


Nikolay or “Koko”  is the technology and strategy officer at Whale Agency. He loves creating data driven strategies and is always updating himself on the possibilities of upcoming technologies and their potential for connecting to people.He has a BA in International Business & Communication from Arnhem Business School, the Netherlands.

Picture of Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz


Daniel or “Kike” is our main computer engineer at Whale Agency. He is a great analytic thinker and loves to use his technical skills together with creativity and passion. He has an MBA and an Engineering degree from the Simon Bolivar University of Venezuela.

Carlos Virreira


Carlos or “Carlitos”  is the person to talk to if you want to work with Whale Agency. He loves meeting entrepreneurs and companies, and together with them exploring the possibilities that Digital media has for customer acquisition, growth, branding and loyalty. He has a BA in International Business & Communication from Arnhem Business School, the Netherlands.

Aram, the super sidekick

Aram Gulzadian


Aram is Whale’s ace under the sleeve. He loves exploring different ways of doing things. He is fluent in Dutch, English and can mingle with you in French and Armenian. He has studied in the United States (Wisconsin) and is now rounding off his International Business and Management Studies degree at Arnhem Business School. He digs bass guitars, chess, art, graphic design, science, entrepreneurship, travel, fitness, webdesign and you!



Gatuchi is Whale’s main Catvertising® officer. He has been  working hard the last months on recruiting cool cats that can work as freelance cat models for web advertisements. He also wants to research how to make Whalevertising® a thing, but he is confident that due to logistic problems it will be a hard challenge to realize. However, he remains positive.

Ayte, research wizzard

Aytekin Keles


Aytekin or “Ayte” is Whale’s main research officer. He loves validating hypothesis (business, consumer, market) with the help of research. He’ll always make sure to connect the dots in the most logical way possible. He is fluent in German, Dutch, English and Turkish and has studied both in the Netherlands and Prague. He is about to round up his BA in International Business and Management at Arnhem Business School.

Freelancers network

Whale agency works with a distributed agency model, meaning everyone can be part of the team. If you are a non-conformist, dissenter and/or a rebel, don’t be shy and get in touch with us.