Achterhoek Werkt- your ideal job is closer than you think

Whale, whale, whale hola dear people of the interwebs, Ironika here. Yes, we’ve been quiet for a while and sorry about that. But we’ve been neck deep working our Whale magic on multiple projects.

Now that the water level seems to be decreasing and the currents have also faded away, the time has come to proudly announce the birth of our youngest but giant whale baby, Achterhoek Werkt. It’s been a hard labor but this brand new job recruitment platform was reborn last week and it has been successfully floating towards the shores of greatness ever since.

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “OK, great congratulations, but what is it that makes this job portal special anyway?”

The Whale Dictionary of Excellence defines Achterhoek Werkt as follows:

“Achterhoek Werkt is not just another ordinary job recruitment platform. It is the ultimate weapon against brain drain, the savior of regional companies and redeemer of local technical and intellectual talent. Oh yeah!”

In other words, AW’s mission is to prevent brain drain by empowering local organizations to make the Achterhoek region more attractive for young professionals so that they wouldn’t feel the need to look for job opportunities somewhere else. The owners of the platform recognized that in order to be able to attain this ambitious goal and expand their influence to other regions in the future, the website needs to be rebuilt. Their vision was to have a job recruitment platform that could be transformed into a franchise concept so that other regions struggling with the same issue could take up arms against the loss of young intellectual and technical labor.

Not convinced yet?

Go ahead, explore the great opportunities that surround you. The best part is, you can have a job that fits you in the area that you love.

Click on the image below to check out the brand new Achterhoek Werkt:


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