Apprenticeship / Internship at Whale Agency

Become an apprentice / intern at Whale Agency


Apply to apprentice / intern at Whale Agency by sending a motivation letter to

We have high expectations for our design, technical, and execution abilities, as do our clients. Over the years, we’ve met potential team members who we would like to work with but would not make it through our normal interview process where the expectation is to bill on client work on day one.

Therefore, we created a full-time apprentice position so that we could bring these people onto our team and mentor them to the point where they could be promoted to a full developer or designer. (This program is also available for students).

We have worked with over 15 apprentices, most of whom have been promoted to the designer or developer role at Whale Agency (for a give period of time or project).

It is a full-time position at Whale Agency and it is taken seriously. We work hard to ensure that we only accept people that we believe will be successful as an apprentice and will be promoted to designer or developer.

Who is it for?

A person that possesses our desired character strength: good communicator, demonstrates initiative, motivated, enthusiastic, focused, composed, curious, optimistic, displays grit, emotionally intelligent, and able to feel gratitude.

In addition, a base level of technical experience in their relevant area.

This apprenticeship program is also available for students who need to follow an internship in the Netherlands.

More information

Get in touch with Carlos or Nikolay via to get to more details about your potential apprenticeship / internship at Whale Agency HQ in Arnhem, the Netherlands.