Brand new Intern or new, brand Intern?

Hello world, Ironika here, the newest branding intern at Whale with probably the most complicated background history. (I guarantee that you are going to forget where I came from in 5 to 10 seconds.) But first, let me express my gratitude to the entire Whale crew for taking me under their fins. Thank you whally much!!!

This blog post by moi is dedicated for you to get to know me and my area of expertise a little better, so let’s get to it, shall we?

My name is Monika Simon, a Hungarian 3rd year International Branding and Marketing Management student in Denmark from Transylvania, who is currently an exchange student at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg enrolled in the International Events Music and Entertainment Studies-Marketing and intern at Whale for three whole months! Wow, this was a long and boring sentence pimped with all the practical stuff about me.

But it doesn’t say who I really am.

So let’s try to do this again,

With a little more enthusiasm! (Check out them rhymes!)

I am Monika of House Simon, The First of Her Name, the Unstoppable, Queen of Branding and Marketing, Queen of Puns and Modesty, Khaleesi of Blah-Blah Blogging, Cracker of Jokes and Mother of Mind-reading- but you may call me, Ironika.

That’s more like it!

Just to spice this post up, I am going to shed light on some insights about branding and marketing. Those of you who are wondering where the power of branding resides, my introduction basically summarizes it. This will make sense in the next paragraph. Nowadays we are being bombarded with countless visual, auditory and even olfactory messages sent by companies who are trying to beat their competition, acquire and retain customers. It’s like they are all screaming and begging to be purchased but it’s just too noisy out there, so they have to find other ways around the clutter to reach customers. Most of them fail in the attempt and become nothing else but me-too brands who copy what has been done before without representing and offering something extra or different.

So here’s an example: introduction number 1 is going to be brand 1 and you are going to be the target audience. Besides being very complicated, there is nothing out of the ordinary about it, right? A person is telling you her name and her professional background. This probably doesn’t impress most of you, because you have seen this multiple times, it’s only a matter of seconds and admit it, you already forgot where I came from.

Take a look at introduction number 2, just like in the first case, this is going to be brand 2. This version tells a lot more about this person than the first one. Reading this, you get a brief insight into her personality. You probably got that her area of expertise is branding and marketing but you also understood that she is a GOT fan and she loves to joggle with words and crack jokes.

Now ask yourself, which of the two introductions is more likely to be noticed and remembered by you? If you understand this, congratulations, you are now smarter than a lot of brand managers out there!

There you go dear reader, your very first branding lesson from Ironika!

Don’t worry, I will be Bach with some more whally cool insights from the awesomest agency spooner than you sink.


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