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May 13, 2015

Convey your message like a boss!

Hey there people of the interwebs! This post is for y’all who find it difficult to convey or understand those“cryptic text instructions”. Here, at Whale Agency, we face this problem on a daily basis, because expressing or making sense of one’s idea is difficult to be done in mere words, especially when it comes to…

July 17, 2014

How to find stock pictures that don’t suck

It’s clear that here at Whale Agency we have strong opinions against stock pictures, as seen in our last post (Stocking 101: from Lame to O.K) , we believe that stock pictures have taken a bad turn since the beginning of the interwebs. Luckily , there’s a new breed of stock photographers who are really working…

GooglePlus-banner (1)
January 14, 2014

Google + allows Brands to send Emails to their fans

Google+ allows brands (marketeers) to email their followers on their social network. This is something that Facebook has never allowed, and it represents a whole new dimension for marketers to explore and or explode their “plussers”.  We’ve always called Google + the “sleeping giant” here at Whale Agency, and we are more than ecstatic to…

Instagram wisdom
November 14, 2013

Instagram wisdom

Hello there, We have recently recognized that a lot of businesses and organization have problems with understanding how to use #Instagram for their brands. We see this as a major drawback, mostly due to the fact that Instagram is one of the best platforms for amplifying graphical content (and it’s free). You are involved in…

New Facebook Insights
October 25, 2013

10 New Facebook Insights You Should Know of

If you work in social media marketing, or you are a hands on entrepreneur that wants to keep everything in control, you’ve probably been polka dancing and excitedly rubbing your hands together (like Mr Burns) since Facebook launched its new Insights a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe you are totally freaking out because now you…

What is Branding infographic by Whale agency
October 22, 2013

What is Branding? An infographic by Whale Agency

What is Branding? There are thousands of definitions of “branding” or just plain old “brand.” One of the best definitions of brand I have come across is from the Tronvig Group. To them, a brand is “what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization — whether or not, at that particular…