Convey your message like a boss!

Hey there people of the interwebs! This post is for y’all who find it difficult to convey or understand those“cryptic text instructions”.

Here, at Whale Agency, we face this problem on a daily basis, because expressing or making sense of one’s idea is difficult to be done in mere words, especially when it comes to design. Based on our experiences, even if you manage to write the most clear-cut sentence describing precisely what needs to be done, there seems to be an understanding gap between sender and receiver.

But no more, because we believe in proactiveness!

So based on the ancient but very relevant idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, our usual “give us text brief for one page html websites” has been improved dramatically.

As you can see on the file, which you can download below, we used a combination of image and text to emphasize our message and ease the understanding process of our clients, thus saving time and energy for both parties.

Click to download guideline

You are whalecome!

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