Fynn the intern – Blog #2

Hi guys,


Busy times these days, it’s been a while since my last blogpost and it’s not for nothing.

Since my last blogpost a lot has happened, I’ve been working on Noombers mostly, recreating the way users interact with the platform. We started out with the one of the most important aspects of Noombers, the tournament creation.


It was a tough process with a lot of iteration. Last time we were sorting out the current user-processes and after that we made a customer journey map – covering the whole office wall – trying to figure out where Noombers lacks and already complies with the needs of the user. This resulted in a great deal of insights which we converted to new user processes. We recreated the process and recreated it again, and again. Testing is key really, when it comes to see if a process and its visual support works with the target group. That’s why we’ve been testing a whole lot of different iteration hoping to find the holy grail consisting of user experience, intuitivity and usability. We’re still working on it but I feel we’re on the right track and hard work starts to pay off in results .


Regarding my personal growth during my internship at Whale Agency, I’m actually quite surprised how quick my skills are growing. From user-testing and designing to documenting and professional skills, I feel I am improving.


I have to say it’s a bit strange for me to work full day’s at a desk, not that I can’t handle it or having a hard time, but I start to feel that I also really like to do physical work as well. Maybe that’s a lesson too. But considering some stories I hear from other interns I think I had a lot of luck working in such an awesome environment with colleagues that can give you actual great feedback on your work and are not hesitating to ask me for help sometimes.


This was – again – Fynn the Intern @ Whale Agency on friday 27 March 2015 – Over

See ya’ll next time – Over & Out

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