High Cuisine is online!

Wonder what we have been up to?

This week, we are excited about the launch of our latest work: “High Cuisine”. Check it out here: https://www.highcuisine.com. “High Cuisine” is the new cooking show that finds the perfect balance between getting high and haute cuisine. We are proud to be a part of this project.

Unique. Extreme. Sensational Cuisine.

Based in Amsterdam, the show is the co-product between production company Rooftop Film, Totem Media and green-theme media company PRØHBTD. Not just a show, it promotes a whole new lifestyle with a twist of THC and top chefs. The series follows the two accomplished cooks as they travel around the world to exotic locations in Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and more on a quest to find local dishes which combine popular modern cooking trends with traditional cultural recipes. The concept is demonstrated through different sections of the site.



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