Why Do You Need Instagram for Your Business?

As a business owner, the first question that you might ask is why your business should have any social media accounts? Well, we live in a digital era, and social media are a good start on showing what your business is all about and also for getting new clients. According to Statista, a German online marketing statistics portal, the amount of social media users worldwide has been constantly growing. Likewise, in the year 2010 there were 0.97 billion people were using social media, in 2018 already 2.62 billion people were there, and 3.02 billion are expected to become social media users by 2021.

Why should you focus on Instagram? This social media platform has the highest number of monthly users among all the other social media platforms, and that is – just think of it – 1 billion of monthly active users. More than 500 million of instagrammers are active every day. There are 42 billion likes pressed daily! 60 % of users log into their Instagram accounts at least once a day while 38 % of users check their accounts a few times a day.

That is a lot of statistics for you, and now we are expecting your next question: Why use Instagram for business? Twitter gives you a variety of message sharing opportunities (but who uses Twitter in the 21st century, except for our lovely politicians 😉 ?). Having a Facebook page for your business gives your reader some brief information about your location, team, your news, products and services. LinkedIn is a good platform for B2B, but, again, it is created initially for professionals. And here is time for Instagram to shine: users of all demographic groups, backgrounds and interests create a unique audience for any type of business you have. It makes no difference if you have a small bakery in rural Germany, a nice coffeeshop in Amsterdam or a new laundromat in New York. Instagram gives your business opportunities for telling a story about your business and making people interested in visiting you or just in trying your service or product.

In this article we are going to share with you a list of top advantages of Instagram account for your business, so get a cup of coffee, a notepad and a pen! 😉

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is a very popular option of Instagram. According to some statistical data from MediaKit, 400 million stories are uploaded every day. 30% of them come from business accounts.

Let us think how consumers make their purchase decisions? When we think of Instagram, most consumers do them visually. A storytelling option gives you as a business owner, a unique opportunity to show your potential clients something special about your business and company. If your stories have unique content, let us say, if they are funny, informing, colourful or entertaining, your visitors’ interest to your business will grow. If the audience likes your stories, you will get reposts and your account will grow. The good side is that your story is there just for 24 hours. You can save some popular stories, according to definite categories. Later on, new visitors will be able to see your stories from the past, and that will help you create an impression on Instagram account visitors about your business.

Another good thing about storytelling is an ability to get to know what your customers/visitors think about your stories. You will see feedback that may be unique and unexpected, in both a good and a bad way.

2. A Bigger ReachOut 

 Instagram has a variety of options that may help you reach out new visitors. A branded hashtag will help increase social media engagement with both visitors and clients. Visitors will be able to find information about your business within a few seconds. You may also have a variety of hashtags that tell your visitors a story about your business. 
Instagram has a unique option of going live and making recordings on IGTV(InstagramTV). That means your visitors and customers have a chance to see what is happening behind the scenes. And there is always a chance of something small that will attract your customers. For example, if you livestream yourself doing some volunteer work, some of your visitors may get interested and you will get some customers where you never expected to get them from. Instagram is a social network and we know many people show artificial life on their accounts. This is where an option of going live and doing recordings for IGTV may be your advantage as many people want to see who you are and what is happening behind that 9 to 5 schedule.

3. Community Engagement

Instagram has a variety of interesting services that both entertain and engage your audience. You can use them in stories, when going on air, on IGTV and in your posts. You can ask your audience about their opinions on different issues and you will get response, for sure. Question, poll, vote and mention stickers can be added easily and have a great potential for skyrocketing the amount of views. Another option is to write longer captions with an interesting content. Visitors will read them, feel engaged and will at least get interested in your Instagram account or at most become your regular customer. Adding location and industry, niche or branded hashtags will also increase organic traffic to your account from people who from the same industry and location. And that is a unique opportunity for potential local customers and collaborations. Collaborations with influencers is another awesome thing you can use to tell the world about your business. Being in touch with influencers does not mean you will have to“buy”their posts but you have a chance to make business connections or even friendships. Creating contests is another cool option of giving away cute things and increasing your brand awareness at the same time. 

4. Spying On Your Competitors

Spying on your competitors is fun! There is always something you can learn from their marketing and business strategies, and Instagram gives you a bunch of opportunities for that. You can openly follow your competitors and see what kind of community engagement tactics they are using. Or you can create a fake account and be in the engagement part yourself, which is a little bit too much, but it depends on your goals. You can also pay attention to small details your competitors are using, such as hashtags or locations. With usage of special Apps and plugins, you can check the account engagement statistics, such as origins of likes and subscribers. Your competitors think in a different way, and that gives you a chance to see their ideas and use them in a smart way for your business. 

5. Call To Action

This can be a logical conclusion of the precious points but Instagram is a unique platform, that gives you a chance to create call to action directly on your page. You can create promo codes and make your customers not just engaged but also make them buy your product or service. An option of putting a link in bio can help you in several ways like drawing attention to a product launch, link to your most important products, offer a free sample of your product or send people to a landing page. Get to know more information on pros and cons of landing pages here.

6. Analytical Data To Work With

Instagram business account gives you an option to learn more about your audience. Their age, cities and countries and gender. What is more important is the peak days and hours of activity of your audience. Using this information, you can not just know what to post and for whom but you can even change existing products or services or add some new services or products. The option is free and is just amazing.


Instagram has a bunch of options for making your sales grow, be one step ahead of your competitors, find out interesting and creative ideas and use them in different ways. Instagram gives you a lot of opportunities to grow and develop a bunch of various and valuable skills, and that is the coolest thing.


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