How can movie companies make use of for their marketing strategies?

What is about? sounds very new to the majority of people, even though it was launched back in 2008. is a webpage that offers a semantic markup for online data. The purpose is to make Internet a more structured and a better understandable space for search engines.

The Schema page offers a variety of coding schemes for different types of organizations such as airlines, corporations, government and educational organisations, local businesses, NGOs, sports clubs and many others. also offers codes for different types of creative work, for example, books, movies, photographs, software programs and some others.

In this article we are going to tell you more about the benefits from using the Schema page for movie companies.

What are the benefits of for movie companies?

1. Information about the movie to bring more audience

Movies and videos are unique products. They should be promoted often even before anyone knows anything about them. That means movie companies should make a lot of efforts in order to promote their products and services. And it is not just about creation of a nice movie banner but also about the content.

At first glance, it seems to be easy that you should add information about starring actors, film directors, soundtrack, duration of the movie, the language and some other descriptive information to your page. However, it is not just about mentioning all of these on the page but using some codes for it on for movies. If you use them in a correct way, Google crawlers will be able to scan your page and create a snippet with all the codes from Google will create a snippet out of all the codes it finds relative. The snippet looks very much appealing to an eye and has more information than your meta description.

2. Ranking factor

Ranking is important, and many movie companies get it. Having a ranking on the page or on your Google Business account is not enough. If you want your ranking be visible on search engines, you should use the ranking codes for your movies or any other video content from for movies. Again, this will allow Google crawlers scan your page, find the ranking code and add it to the snippet on Google.

3. Get plugged into a niche

A movie company is a broad term, and many of these companies focus only on creating some definite content. Yes, you can use definite keywords, add them to your meta descriptions, and hope it will help you rank high on Google. However, you cannot use as many keywords as you want on the page, and as mentioned before – Google wants to scan your page and find these keywords as a code. For example, adding a long-tail keyword “graduation videos in Amsterdam” to one of the codes for movies on will give you with high probability more chances to rank higher on Google and outbeat your competitors, even if they are using the same long-tail keyword on their pages.

4. Make your pictures work for you

Yes, every website has a bunch of amazing pictures. However, not all of pictures are shown on Google. Many of us perceive information visually, and if your amazing shots are not on the top of search engines, you are losing a lot of potential visitors. for movies will let you use a special code for your pictures, and this will make them visible for Google crawlers to include your pictures in a snippet.

5. Your videos are more important than words

Movie companies create videos and movies. Pictures and descriptive information sound cool but potential audience want to see at least a small piece of the video content. How can you not just add it to your page but make your video content rank high on Google? Just add it as a code that is offered by schema. org for movies, and Google will add it to it’s snippet.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you want to get to know more about the usage of for movie companies. We will always be happy to help you. 😉


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