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Achterhoek Werkt is not simply a recruitment platform. Its mission is to prevent brain drain by empowering local organizations to make the Achterhoek region more attractive for young professionals so that they wouldn’t feel the need to look for job opportunities somewhere else. The owners of the platform recognized that to be able to attain this ambitious goal and expand their influence to other regions in the future, the website needs to be rebuilt. Their vision was to have a job recruitment platform that could be transformed into a franchise concept so that other regions struggling with the same issue could take up arms against the loss of young intellectual and technical labor.


Whale Agency’s challenge was to build a fully scalable, easily maintainable and dynamic platform that coincides with Achterhoek Werkt’s owners’ vision about developing the website into a franchise concept. The aim was to create a platform, which can be easily customized and simply adapted to other regions dealing with the issue of young professionals fleeing the area.


In order to solve the challenge proposed by the owners of Achterhoek Werkt, the team took a step-by-step approach, applying their knowledge about the SCRUM methodology. The process started up with revising the concept of the existing platform aiming to make sure that all the valuable learnings from the previous years were implemented into the radical improvement of the platform.


A fully scalable and easily manageable job recruitment platform developed in Ruby on Rails. Due to its scalability, the product enables its owners to turn it into a franchise concept.

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