Centrum voor Jong Ondernemerschap (CvJO)

Strategic brand activation


CVJO Arnhem was attending the “startersdag”, a start-up event organized by the chamber of commerce in Arnhem, The Netherlands.They wanted to find a way to connect with potential entrepreneurs to join their business incubator. However, they wanted to make a long lasting and sustainable relationship, instead of printing hundreds of business cards they approached us to come up with a creative solution.


Our approach was simple, find something that starting entrepreneurs have in common, a “shared ideal” as we like to name it around here. Our main insight was the love that the Dutch have towards coffee, being direct and calling each other by their first name. This served as the starting point for our concept, mix the concept of the business card together with the experience of drinking coffee.


Make something personal for the starting entrepreneurs, give them a mug for their coffee which will be branded with the logo of CVJO, moreover, the mug has a text field in which the name of the entrepreneur is to be written. The text of the mug reads “Hello ______ (name) would you like a cup of coffee?”.

coffee cvjo


By utilizing the mugs, the CVJO made sure to make a long lasting relationship with its potential tenants, giving them something of more value and use than a business card as well as a good reason for the potential tenants to come by the office to grab a coffee!

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