Eigen Wonen

Breaking traditions in the housing industry


Eigen Wonen is entering the housing market in the Netherlands with a new approach towards building, selling and finding customers for their houses. They aim for a “demand oriented” building development and they rely heavily on finding the right people to build more than houses, a community.

Eigen Wonen wants to harvest the power of social media to create interest and attention to their new concept, and they approached us (Whale Agency) seeking creative and strategic solutions to this area of interest.


Our approach was to first conduct a data-analysis audit. We gathered primary and secondary data about the desired target group of Eigen Wonen, and with the help of that we created a “persona” who will be the target of all our communication efforts. Eigen Wonen’s target group are called the “sophisticated explorers” and we worked hard on developing a strategy to gain their attention and interest.


We believe that people and businesses shouldn’t confuse marketing with branding, and we believe that social media is one of the best channels available today for creating a strong brand, and it is a crucial part in our digital strategy mix.

Among many, the way we solved this problem was through use of a content calendar, social media branding, strategic imagery creation and a rolling out a long term content marketing plan.


After 1 week

Facebook Page

Macbook pro mockup for eigen wonen facebook page

Twitter profile

macbook pro mockup eigen wonen twitter profile

facebook poll

macbook pro mockup of facebook app of a poll
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