Jett Rebel

“Teaser Storytelling” – Documentary Launch.


Jett Rebel is a upcoming Dutch artist who is becoming a huge sensation this summer. He started gaining popularity in the spring of 2013 when he released his first EP titled ‘Venus’, at the end of that same year, he followed the legacy by releasing ‘Mars’. The three singles from this EP were enthusiastically received and played by 3FM and other channels. He performed live on Dutch television programs such as Toppop3, De Wereld Draait Door and Serious Request. He was also crowned as “Serious Talent” by 3FM. In the early 2014 his single “Tonight” was a Megahit in 3FM. Last but not least, he also wrote the title song for the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Whale Agency was approached to help create, maintain and host Jett Rebel’s documentary’s website.


Coming soon websites are common when announcing documentaries, we wanted to use that appeal but combine it with a good story to tell, so we employed “teaser storytelling”. We advised on which type of copywriting to use as well as the type of look and feel of the storytelling. Moreover, extra attention was given towards coordinating that every single touch point of the website follows a cohesive story in order to increase the likelihood of virality.


Employ teaser storytelling to channel the energy of the documentary team as well as the artist (Jett Rebel) himself, make sure that the website is beautiful but also meaningful. Among others make sure that the website is:

    • Responsive (it works on mobile as well as desktop devices)
    • Social (it is possible to share the page and documentary in order to increase its popularity)


1 day: 2,423 sessions
Average session duration: 00:04:00 minutes
85% of new sessions come from social media
726 likes on Facebook
Trending on twitter for one day with #JettRebel

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