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Drs. Linda van der Wal, a trainer, coach and expert on change management, already has two management books under her belt that both became bestsellers.

Her new book called “Kantoorgeheimen”, or “Office Secrets”, tackles the problem of unrecognized talent on the work floor. In the book she gives tips, tricks and techniques that can help an employee in any field or industry to be recognized for what they’re worth and get more influence in the office.

Wanting an original and effective way to drive sales with a limited budget she got in contact with Whale Agency and that’s where this adventure began.


Instead of heavily promoting the book full on we decided to address the problem and offer the book as a solution in the end. To do this we needed a story that people could recognize themselves in. The book features a protagonist, a shy goldfish called Bert, to personify these “office secrets” which we decided to use to tell the story.


We created a landing page that walks the visitor through the story and at the bottom of the page the visitor is directed to a point of sale. Social media efforts drive traffic to the landing page where the convincing takes place.

To make the best out of the limited budget a Guerilla marketing campaign is set up that stimulates online behavior as well.


Guerrilla Campaign

Landing Page

Linda van der wal - Whale Agency


Kantoorgeheimen - Whale Agency

Facebook Page

Kantoorgeheimen facebook page - Whale Agency
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