No Land’s Men is an exhibition by 8 Russian immigrant artists in the Netherlands, they wanted to show the worlds the struggles of trading a home country for a new one, for either political, social or economical reasons. Among the artists you could find: Irina Birger, Marina Chernikova, Olga Ganzha, Konstantin Guz, Lev Kazachenko, Lyuba Matyunina, Irina Popova & Masha Ru. Three weeks before their exhibition started in the Petersburg building they contacted Whale Agency, having heard about our strategy services, they urgently wanted ideas on how to amplify their exhibition and get at least 2 thousand visitors to see their work.


We believe that social media is a great place to gain attention and interest, and since each artist had their own personal brand we thought it would be interesting to make the exhibition name a brand, and use social media to enhance the brand. This would help the exhibition to reach a wide audience as well as creating interest and mystery about what No Land’s Men is all about.


Our solution was to create a content marketing strategy for No Land’s Men as well as a content calendar. We studied their target group and came up with ideas on what type of content to post and when, as well as assisting the exhibition staff to utilize social media by themselves so they can build influence and keep the momentum going so their content stays on top of their target group’s facebook news feed.


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