Noombers – Your sport life in one place.

Our Story

Noombers is a platform in which people can organize & manage tournaments and leagues for free. People can also create their own player profile as well as custom team pages. All of this, in one place.
We have been part of this project from an early stage, serving as Noombers external marketing team.
As time progressed and we became so passionate about the product, we arranged to take a more active role in the platform development and became partners of Noombers.


Create a Brand and a Communication strategy for a upcoming tournament and league organizing platform called Noombers.


Dive deep and do research to what motivates people to organize tournaments? Our conclusion is that their main drive is showing that they set goals to themselves and keep them, and sometimes out-do them. Over and over again.


This is what we did:
• Consumer + Market research on Tournament/League/Team organization
• Creation of Brand Identity (Logo, stationary)
• Crafting of Social Media Strategy
• Promotional Materials (Banners for tournaments)
• Creation of landing page and email campaigns
• UI design


Brand Identity

Landing page


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