Creation of a Franchise brand


When we were first contacted about this project, there was no Whops, but simply the idea to bring bubble tea to the Bulgarian market. After his travels around the world one of the co founders fell in love with the product and noticed it is extremely adaptable to different cultures and tastes. This is where the challenge came from. We had to come up with the brand concept, the strategy and how to introduce the product in the market using digital means.


Due to the nature of the product and the fact that it was completely new for the market, we had to do an extensive research of the market as well as the target group. For this purpose we designed a research with a mixed methodology – field and desk. In order to get the most accurate information we traveled to Bulgaria in order to interview 250 people on the street and get an understanding of their media usage. Once the field research and data analysis was completed, a integrated digital strategy was crafted for the purpose of introducing the product, attracting people into the shop and creating a fun online community.


After analyzing the product features and rounding up the research, we came up with the main communication theme – “GIVING A FUN TWIST TO PEOPLE’S LIVES”. Moreover, the main strategy focuses on energizing, finding enthusiastic customers and turning them into word-of-mouth machines. The content strategy consists of 2 stages – educate and entertain. The first stage is all about increasing the market knowledge about the product and its unique and exotic features. The second stage is all about entertaining through different events that convey WHOPS’s brand proposition.

Results (1 month)

Coming soon!

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