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Instagram wisdom
November 14, 2013

Instagram wisdom

Hello there, We have recently recognized that a lot of businesses and organization have problems with understanding how to use #Instagram for their brands. We see this as a major drawback, mostly due to the fact that Instagram is one of the best platforms for amplifying graphical content (and it’s free). You are involved in…

June 29, 2013

Brands and Social Media in Bulgaria – 19 key giveaways

Hello peoples! A few months ago we had an interesting expedition, our main mission was to understand internet usage in Bulgaria as well as how social technologies are changing their economic landscape and the way people communicate with brands in today’s interconnected world. As we stripped the numbers of our data to take a good look…

June 24, 2013

Loosing our press-ginity!

Ahoi, interneters! A few weeks ago we got offered the opportunity to write a small piece for the newsletter of  the Center for Entrepreneurship(website is in Dutch) of HAN University of applied Sciences. We of course took it really serious and kindly asked our main man Andro to help us out with his epic copy-writing skills. The…

June 14, 2013

Scheduling/Promoting Content Online Is Super Lame

Whale has a secret to tell you! It’s a secret that can improve the digital health of your business and every single person who reads this post.. marketers and non marketers alike. A secret that the digital strategy team of Procter & Gamble would have loved to know. Why P&G? Mostly because they felt the…