Top 9 UX Myths to know this summer

UX (User Experience) has been an emerging trend, which doesn’t stop at just being a trend in today’s business market. It is a useful tool to boost business market share if being utilized the right way.

Still, there are UX myths that you do not want to miss:

UX Myth #1: UX (User Experience) is different from UI (User Interface)

UX is not different from UI, but they are not the same either. Simply put, they aren’t comparable to each other. Craig Morrison – Head of Product at RecordSetter and Founder of Usability Hour said it is like asking what is the different between red paint and chemicals the paint is made up of?”.

UX focuses on enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving usability, accessibility and pleasure provided with interaction. It deals with user research, personas, IA (Information Architecture), wireframes, prototyping and usability testing. Meanwhile, UI focuses more on visibility, how beautiful the products look like. To understand more, take a look at the picture below.

UX/UI Differences

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Think of choosing an outfit in the morning, UI are more of what color is the shirt, which style is it: vintage, casual, classy. UX is about why you choose to cover your body with it.

First UX myth solved?

UX Myth #2: “Minimalism is still trendy”

Minimalism is not trendy any more, especially not in UX-related work.

In contrast with the simplistic lifestyle, nowadays, users seem to only be satisfied being given more and more choices, as they would feel like they are missing out, or fall behind the digital age otherwise. They want beautiful, breath-taking interface which they can share with friends and get a “wow” out of it.


Integral by
 Dimest for Hiwow

Frank Chimero writes: “I am tired of simple things. Simple things are weak. They are limited. They are boring.”–Only Openings

UX Myth #3: “Customers love innovations and changes”

Changes and innovations are necessary. But, marketers need to be careful to avoid overwhelm their users.

Have you ever heard your friends complained about a new update from Apple mess up their phones, and how they are not used to the new interface, they prefer the old one. Not to mention, it takes time and actions to hit that “update” button. Even though people nowadays barely have time to leave their phones, it doesn’t mean they feel good replying to your updates notifications.


Updates doesn’t always bring a better version for all.

UX Myth #4: “You have to sacrifice aesthetic to earn usability”

Good news is you don’t. When they say “Blonde girls have no brains”, it implies that aestheticism doesn’t go along with intelligence. It is a common sense that you can’t have the best of both worlds. Luckily, in digital marketing world, this is just another UX myth.

However, current trends challenge UX designers to bring “both worlds” to users. Not only interface have to be visually satisfying, but also functional. Visual and usability need to be positively correlated.


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Joanna Ngai, Microsoft UX Designer smashed this UX myth with her statement “Visual design informs us how a product works via color, visual hierarchy, typography and thus is a crucial part of the overall user experience.”

UX Myth #5: “UX is a one-day-stand”

There are short relationships. There are very short ones, too. But UX is not one of those. UX requires caring and attention, as if a girl in long-term relationships need commitment and loyalty.

It is not UX without an on-going process starting from user research, IA, to wireframes, prototyping and constant usability tests until it works. If you are a SME decided to set budget for an UX investment, be prepared to work and see your “soul child” grow day-by-day. This calls for collaboration from many parties, from developers, designers and marketing communication team on a regular basis.

Don’t expect a one-time use product if you want to invest in User Experience.

UX Myth #6: “User Experience is all about users”

Hm, not really.

As in other aspects of your life, trying to please everyone leads to pleasing no one. UX works to make your product valuable and user-friendly towards specific user personas. It is a comprehensive process starting from strategic level and affect the whole cycle of a project or business.

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In short, to optimize company objectives, companies should develop clear user personas to avoid excessive resources.

UX Myth #7: “Users experience should focus on users”

Remember how people replied to “What do you want for tonight?” “Surprise me” – they say.

As a matter of fact, people don’t always know what they want.

User research is an essential part in initiating a UX process. In today world, it is demanding that marketers know their audience better than audience know themselves. Go beyond. Impress me. Be creative. This is a challenge for UX designers to tackle.

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UX Myth #8: UX is expensive

Yes, and no. This is a controversial UX myth.

A complete UX project might be a bit pricy. However, every business owner is aware of how much benefit they can gain from a sufficient investment. Is UX paying for? You tell me.

UX Myth #9: “User Experience is a choice”

When it is 2018 and UX is longer a choice, but rather a tool of survival.

Good UX design can raise satisfaction level for customers and sank that complaints, which means happier customers. Happy customers. What else can a business wants rather than that.

It is time to enter game. Solve UX myths. Be wise and win it!

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