The world of digital and online marketing is changing faster than days on the calendar. Today the Whales are going to share with you the websites of their choice. All pages presented here show our choice in February, 2019.

  1. Upperquad

Submitted by Olga, Marketing intern at Whale Agency 
This page belongs to an independent creative studio in San Francisco. They create brands and digital experiences worldwide. Having visited this page just out of curiosity, I fell in love with it. 

What do you like about this page?

1. Colors

The colors on the web page are light and warm, and they are appealing to an eye: pink, blue, white, green, yellow and grey. Absence of dark gloomy colors creates an awesome impression, especially on girls, who tend to like light colors. It is a well-known fact that colors are important in marketing. However, the Upperquad guys are the first team, that managed to make 10 out of 10 for the color usage.

2. UX

Their UX is just awesome. They have relatively many scroll reveal animations and animated illustrations per page, and the Upperquad guys managed to combine all of them in a wise and appealing-to-an-eye way. I also like their gifs, that are unusual but simple and very eye-catching.

3. Mobile Version of the Page

It seems to be nice, very similar to the desktop version. Guys have pages in English and French, and the pages have more or less the same content. However, the loading speed of some pages is slow, and that is the only downside the website has.


Amazing colors together with awesome UX have created a sunny impression on someone who sees grey sky for 29 days out of 30 almost each month.

2. Slack

Submitted by Natasha, Marketing intern at Whale Agency 

Slack is a team collaboration tool, that is used by many companies worldwide. Recently they have redesigned the webpage, and Natasha decided to review it. 

What do you like about this page?

1. Design

The design is lean and simple on the white background: white, grey and purple. There are pictures with some of the clients and with the time some of them are moved to the top right and get shadowed.

2. Illustrations

They are super cute, and are better than random pictures, that do not resonate with page visitors. Illustrations are associated with everyone, who visits the page, and they look way cuter than the random pictures of clients.

3 . A Quick Call for Action

That is a smart strategy to ask page visitors for subscriptions straight away. However, it is too direct and is putting some pressure on some visitors so it would be better if they could feel more comfortable so at least the subscription button could be moved from the front top to the bottom.


In spite of having some drawbacks,  the new design of Slack’s website is really awesome.

  1. Akademi™

Submitted by Evan, UX intern at Whale Agency

It is a Swedish design studio with a digital focus. They make the world more accessible with modern, minimalistic and unique design for each client.

What do you like about this page?

1. Minimal Design

Brand consistency is something that catches an attention of a visitor. Akademi™ is a brand name, and they show it both in the texts and also in designs on the page. That looks pretty consistent, awesome and minimalistic. Spatial relationship on the website also looks quite nice and simple. White, grey and black spaces add some special atmosphere to the website. However, a smart usage of vivid colors in designs adds some special effect. The visitor of the page sees minimalistic design that is interesting, not boring.

2. Showcases

Nowadays more and more digital agencies prefer to show their works before introducing who they are. This is an effective way to draw attention of a visitor or a potential client to actual projects of the agency. The way Akademi™ guys show their cases is also unusual: they show a challenge and a solution to it, disciplines that were used. Guys also show all the pages of both mobile and desktop versions of the project’s website. This looks very convincing and interesting.

  1. Instagram 

Akademi™ guys have a very minimalistic Instagram. Their Instagram looks very interesting as they have short videos and pictures of the projects they worked on. Akademi™ guys also have very interesting texts, that describe their projects so when an outsider visits their Instagram page, he or she gets very interested in what guys do. 


Akademi™ team has a very interesting approach to their website, that brought some new ideas for the Whale’s website.

  1. Toasted Digital 

Submitted by Jurre, UX intern at Whale Agency 
This website belongs to a design and development agency from UK.

What do you like about this page?

1. No Switch Between Pages

This is something that you do not meet and feel often when exploring a website. You do not have to click anywhere to get information, you just scroll down the page and the next page is already there. The more you scroll down, the more interacted you get.

2. Use of Animation

Their use of animations inspire me to work harder on the Whales website and to use super cool animations there. The seamless experience of Toasted Digital is amazing, and I would like the Whale website use it.

3. Immediate Focus on Cases

The homepage of Toasted Digital is focused primarily on showing their work. Showcases of your work are important as, in most cases, it is the primarily goal of the visitors of your website. Guys from Toasted Digital do have a lot of space left then they show their cases. They also show steps of their work, using just a few sentences and that makes it simple. The Whales should use this tactics for their website, and be proud of all the work.


The Toasted Digital guys have a dope website, that inspires and motivates the Whales to work hard, grow and be better.

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