At Whale Agency we work hard. We are very keen on our tasks, and we are passionate about what we do.

While doing some research and completing our plans, we come across many webpages every day. In this article we will share with you the choice of the best websites of October, 2018.

1. Charles Simon

Submitted by Carlos, Partner at Whale Agency

This Canadian company specialises in production of luxury bags with an extremely perfect design. When loading their page, you see an amazing sketch of a bag in four colours. You can also check the designs of an appealing luggage piece.

What do we like about this page?



Indeed. When you scroll, you can see four colourful pages of travel bags in two designs. The Canadian guys have also worked a lot on UI – you can view the inner parts of the bags right on the main page. When you click on the design you want to have, the page is personalised for you and you can see choose the materials you want for your dream bag.


Small micro interactions

When you click on any section of the page, you can see moving letters. This makes the page look interactive and vivid. In the end of the About page you can see a handle of the bag that is going in and out – that is an animated invitation to watch a video about the company. If you want to have a look at the designs of the bags, you have a chance to look at the interior and outside views of the bags. The design of the buttons are made as if on the iPhone, and that gives extra points to the animation of the page and also makes UX and UI of this page awesome.


You never know where the company is located until you visit their LinkedIn page. There is a slight difference between a mobile version and a PC one. The mobile one looks more appealing to an eye.

2.  The UN Refugee Agency

Submitted by Natasha, Marketing intern at Whale Agency.

The page comes from The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). It is about the current and recent situation in Syria, and looks like a short movie on the screen.

What do you like about this page?


When you initially click on the page, you see a picture of ruined Syria and a question -‘ What was Syria like before the war?’. That comes very unexpected so you do not know what will come up next. However, the creators of the page make each visitor curious, and you need to scroll down to see the answers. However, the next fact you see also makes you interested, and you click on the next page. The content of the site together with UI and UX deserves 10 out of 10.


The aim of the page is quite clear – to give simple information, backed up by facts, about Syria, its current and recent situation. You get to know some interesting facts about the country, and your image of Syria changes within a few seconds. My own stereotype of Syria after having visited this page has changed, to be honest.

Loading button

The loading button looks like a circle on the right corner of the page. The creators of the page have used it as a kind of a navigation: the button shows you the webpage consists of 5 sections. When scrolling down a definite section, you can see how much is left and where you is in this section – there is just a thick circle inside the loading button.Very easy in use and also very convenient.


Natasha told me that the page looks like an interactive movie, and I agree. When you are on the page, it makes you be in Syria and experience all the things on this awesome website.


Submitted by Olga, Marketing intern at Whale Agency.

This British fashion design platform is just awesome. You land on the page, and you get amazed by a great amount of colourful pictures, videos from different countries and, of course, by their unusual logo.

What do you like about this page?

Unusual pictures

Their Videos

Very artistic, creative and unusual. These guys have shown fashion from another angle angle. Short less-than-a-minute videos manage to show the sense of the brands, their attitude to fashion and to life. Probably guys have spent a lot on the campaign but it was worth it.

An awesome Instagram account

Surprisingly enough, these guys have different videos and different pictures on their Instagram account than on their page. Yes, you can see they try to attract potential partners and customers and push Instagram for that. The design on Instagram looks very unusual and vivid. No time to describe it, just visit their Instagram page, and you will get to know everything yourself.


The page is very colourful and the usage of weird and artistic but very professional pictures have made Olga’s day this October.

4. Brontide

Submitted by Jurre, User Experience intern at Whale Agency.

The page is dedicated to a naturally sourced butylene glycol, Brontide. The first thing you see when you click on the page is the colours: white background with pictures about nature. UX of this page is just awesome: flying leaves, a field of plants, that you want to walk through.

What do you like about this page?

Landing page

These American guys use the Brontide  as a tool to promote their company Genomatica. However, the landing page of Brontide is an amazing tool to give a boost to the company. The landing page is used as a kind of introduction: the visitor of the page gets a short story what guys are doing. These American guys are also guiding you through it. Just spend a few minutes of your time and experience what they offer you.


If you enter the home page, you see a very cool way of transition the guys are using. You swipe right and you see the story of the product, its’ foundation, origin, production etc. Having spent less than 2 minutes on reading it, you have no question about what the page is about. What is more – you get so interested that you want to get to know more and then you look for more information on the page.


These guys could have published a very good handbook or could have had their Instagram rock with a bunch of professional pictures. They have the coolest pictures of nature, the lab, the effects of the product and the models. And again – their UX is just 10 out of 10.


Even though Jurre is not interested in life-science, he really liked the work of the designers on the page.

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