Whale Ipsum!

Hola dear people! Is it only us, or have you guys also been hearing some ultrasonic cravings for whaleuable content? Are you also tired of swimming in the mundane ocean of mainstream? Good news everyone! We whale save you from getting more strange vibes interfering with your natural brain waves. The hunt for great content is finally over! Prepare your cool-hungry brains for a really crunchy virtual mind-snack.

This is for all the lost designer souls and coding champions, whose creativity has been trapped by Lorem of the House Ipsum, the monstrous foreign creature speaking the ancient tongue of defaults, which everybody uses but nobody understands. That’s right, we have created the ultimate weapon to terminate the reign of the average and predictable.

Screenshot 2015-06-04 12.57.21

Beware, Whale Ipsum, the breaker of boredom who’s going to bring a ray of light to all of your dark and cluttered screens. So, forget about Lorem, and let us splash you with some refreshing whales! Feel free to use our whales to temporarily fill in the void in your hearts and dearly held designs!

Click here or on the image for instant mood-boost:

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